Emissions  from typical Commercial Kitchen Exhaust  contain greasy particles generated by cooking.     
These particles are visually perceived as "cooking smoke."

Cooking smoke particles are very small (microns in size) and are very difficult to remove from kitchen exhaust air.   
But our Grease-Smoke Control Unit removes them with very high efficiency.   
Only clean air is allowed to pass to the discharge.
Air Clean Grease-Smoke Control Unit (GSC) works on the principle of impingement of cooking smoke particles on the fibers of
special filters.

Air Clean GSC is a two-pass unit :

  1. First pass is a primary filter where bulk  of  greasy  particles  are  removed.
  2. Second pass is a box filter of higher efficiency (polishing filter).

When grease-laden air is processed thru both passes it leaves GSC practically grease-free.