1.      Unsurpassed efficiency in collecting greasy smoke particles.

Untreated kitchen exhaust air can be visibly polluted with cooking greasy  smoke when it enters GSC.
But practically no grease or smoke is present in the exhaust air leaving GSC.                                                 
It is possible because Air Clean GSC is exceptionally efficient two-pass unit.  
Collection efficiency of 98-99 % is commonly achieved.
Added benefit of clean exhaust duct and blower downstream of GSC.    

This feature will save many thousands of dollars yearly on cleaning of exhaust ducts, exhaust blowers, discharge grills etc.
GSC will also protect any other equipment located downstream from grease (such as Odor Control System).

Small footprint.            

Air Clean GSC is surprisingly small and will fit in to the space where competitive units will not.
It is because of smart design targeted to jobs where space is limited.

All-welded construction.

Prefabricated Air Clean GSC units are all-welded and do not require assembly of separate sections on installation site.
Many of the competitive units come in sections which have to be assembled.
Because caulking is used during assembly, assembled units do not have the same fire resistance and integrity as the all-welded

Heavy-gage construction.       

Air Clean GSC units are made typically of heavier gage material than competitive units.
This can provide better fire resistance and structural integrity.