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State of The Art Systems For Control of Smoke & Odor Emissions From Commercial Kitchen Exhaust and Industry.
Kitchen exhaust from very busy restaurant or
take-out place can contain huge amounts of
visible smoke and invisible odors produced
by the cooking process.

Our systems have been successfully applied
to virtually every conceivable cooking
application in a large number of customer
sites.  Urban locations with dense population
and very expensive real estate -- like
Manhattan or downtown Philadelphia --
create situations where polluting kitchen
exhausts interfere with the quality of life of the

These demanding conditions require
uncompromising performance from an Air
Pollution Control System.
Typical Air Clean System consists of an  
Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) for removal of
visible pollution (cooking smoke) and, if
necessary, Odor Control Unit (OCU) for
removal of remaining odor.

1. Smoke and odorous gases produced by
cooking are pulled into exhaust hood and
further are forced to pass through
Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) where visible
air pollution (smoke) is removed.

2. If very high degree of odor control is
required, Air Clean Odor Control Unit (OCU)
will eliminate malodors using cutting-edge
technology where odorous gas molecules
are adsorbed by odor control media.